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Since the beginning of mankind, people have been fascinated with the animal world, but have understood very little about it. As a result, animals have not been treated very fairly. Animal Love, Inc. is dedicated to entertain our audiences while we educate them on not only the animals, but also the world in which they live and how they affects our world.

Most of our animals are rescues, some are not wanted by their owners anymore and we use them as our ambassadors in our programs. If we can not use them, we find loving forever homes for them. Our programs try to teach everyone about the responsibility of keeping the correct pet, how to conserve our environment and keeping our waters clean so we can admire the animals and the homes that they live in.

Our animals are handled often which makes them easy for the public to either hold or pet them. The programs are a safe & fun loving hands on experience that you will never forget and if we are lucky, you will learn how to help save our wildlife.. You can "talk to the animals", touch the animals, and learn about them too! Invite Animal Love, Inc. to your function and see what a difference a little "Animal Love" can make!


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